My Trump-loving Father and I got into our monthly blow up yesterday about this very thing. He had the nerve to call me delusional for saying that R v. W is gonna be one of the first things our new republican overlords will go after. He told me to “get off the script” for saying this administration is coming for us gays and our audacious request to be treated equally under the law... and all I could say in return that it must be nice to not feel afraid.
“Must be nice, Dad, to feel so fucking secure in your rights. I wouldn’t know what that feels like, seeing as how I just barely got the right to marry Shane.” His response? “That won’t ever happen, the democrats are just stirring up their base with fear. The democrats are the violent ones! Where do you think all the violence is coming from? You can’t blame republicans for taking anyone’s rights away, that’s what democrats do. Get off the script!” (He does love his Rush Limbaugh catchphrases).
I’m at a loss. I don’t know how to talk to my Dad anymore. If he doesn’t like the sound of a fact, he calls it fake now. I don’t understand how my kind, caring, sensitive Dad has become such an empty-headed, blind supporter of such a dangerous mind-set within the last few years. Obama as president brought something hideous out of him and his political party, and it’s scary. And depressing, because I’ve lost so much respect for my Dad, which *hurts* to even write. He’s literally chanted “Build the wall” to me before, and repeated it just the other day. I’m at a loss... I don’t know how to defend myself or my views against someone so utterly, willfully blind. :-(((
Last thing I said to him was, “You have no one else to blame now. You guys control the reps, the senate, the white house, the judiciary, the governerships AND the supreme court. Everything that happens from this point forward will be your fault, because there’s no one left for you fuckers to point your fingers at. You can’t blame democrats or judges or brown people anymore, so when my husband and I suffer the consequence you will absolutely be to blame, and I’ll do my damndest to remind you of it.” -- Ellie Shechet

Credit for this goes to Ellie Shechet aka Poetjunkie. These words resonated with me.